Reverse Mortgage Program Seminars

Watch for upcoming workshops in the Spring 2019!

One of the best ways to really understand the benefits of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) reverse mortgage program is to attend a free public seminar. FSI Mortgage has conducted hundreds of such seminars and classes over the last 15 years for corporations, professional associations, senior centers and other groups on the subject of reverse mortgages. No products are promoted or sold during these seminars—they’re just an opportunity to learn more about the FHA-insured mortgage program and how it can help you as a senior homeowner.

For information about when the next free seminar is scheduled, please call our office at (801) 281-0205 or email us directly via our online contact form. To register for the next available seminar, please use the sign-up form at the bottom of this page.

Private Speaking Engagements

Do you have a group or organization that would like to learn more about reverse mortgages?

The reverse mortgage experts at FSI Mortgage can provide tailored classes to last from one to three hours, depending on your specific situation and financial needs. Each class features a professional PowerPoint presentation and real-life examples from our experience helping clients achieve their financials goals through reverse mortgages. Please call our office at (801) 281-0205 or click here to request more information.

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