Craig Pendleton

Craig Pendleton (NMLS #313924) entered the financial industry in 1978. He has been helping people with retirement planning ever since. Craig brings a weatlth of experience from many facets of the financial industry. He has worked as a financial planner. He is licensed in the insurance industry as well as being a licensed mortgage loan officer in Utah.

Craig worked as a marketing director and trainer for a large national insurance/investment/ financial planning firm for over 10 years. He has helped 1000’s of families and individuals plan for retirement. He is also a business and benefits planner for small and medium-sized businesses.  Craig became a certified facilitator for the Franklin Covey Company, using their “First Things First” program.

Craig knows that your home is an integral part of your overall financial picture and can be effectively used to provide signifigant income during retirement. He has been a workshop instructor for many years, and brings his world of knowledge to these classes.

Raised in Parawon, Utah, Craig grew up working on his father’s farm, milking cows and driving tractors, starting at age 6! He has always been active in sports, and loves the outdoors.